Immersion Hand Blender,500W-Stepless Speed 4-in-1 Smart Stick Blender with 800ml Mixing Beaker,Milk Frother,Egg Whisk for Smoothies/Puree Baby Food/Sauces/Soups,Black

Immersion Hand Blender,500W-Stepless Speed 4-in-1 Smart Stick Blender with 800ml Mixing Beaker,Milk Frother,Egg Whisk for Smoothies/Puree Baby Food/Sauces/Soups,Black

Simple in Design, Powerful in Function: Nxone immersion hand blender includes Blender Motor Part, Blender Shaft, 800ml Mixing Beaker, Milk Frother and Egg Whisk.
With simple and easy-control design, NXONE hand blender not only makes the food preparation process faster and easier, but also provides the maximum utility and excellent cooking experience.
Super Easy to Clean and Store: Detachable design of Nxone immersion hand blender make it easy to clean and store.
And the detachable parts are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
But don\'t immerse the motor part of the blender into water.
All attachments are easy to install and dismantle.
Nxone immersion hand blender makes life easier.
Sharp Small Cross Blade Design: Equipped with sharp small cross blade, Nxone immersion hand blender can easily handle hard ingredients.
With Nxone, you don\'t have to struggle with frozen fruit again.
You can enjoy a delicious smoothie or juice anytime at anywhere.
You can also easily prepare a silky meal for your baby.
For yourself, for your family, Nxone is your best choice.
Excellent Variable Stepless Speed Control: Nxone stick blender adopts variable stepless speed control design, which makes it more convenient and stable in the operation process.
Perfect crushing, stirring or juicing can be achieved through variable speed adjustment.
With Nxone, deliciousness will no longer be restricted.
Pefect Gift for Mom: Nxone stick blender is the perfect gift for Mom.
Its small size takes up little space of the kitchen.
The stylish design and classic color scheme will match any kitchen with any decoration style.
Nxone provides excellent after-sales service.
If you have any questions, please contact us directly.
We will take full responsibility for our products!

Top reviews from the United States

Vanessa F   Reviewed in the United States on August 16, 2020

 Blown Away!!!

Okay, so I was totally reluctant to purchase this because I rarely buy anything if it doesn't have reviews. So I'll be the first to say this product is amazing! The blender is super powerful and sturdy! I absolutely am I'm love with this purchase!! The pictures on Amazon doesn't do this product justice! Also, the cup it comes with is huge :)

Product: Color: Black

jblack   Reviewed in the United States on August 20, 2020

 Best $20 ever spent!!!

I have never written a review. This is the 1st. I am amazed at how well this works. I puree strawberries to mix with orange juice and my old one would get VERY hot and finally quit. I didn't want to spend a lot. This didn't have any reviews at the time but for 20 bucks I ordered. WOW!!!! This was the BEST $20 I've ever spent. I pureed 4 large containers and it didn't even get warm!!! Super strong and powerful. Pureed in half the time as my old unit. I'm ordering a 2nd for backup before the company realizes they should raise the price.

Product: Color: Red

Mikel Berry   Reviewed in the United States on November 30, 2020

 A wonderful blender system for the chef of the house!

This hand blender system by Nxone is great for that purpose. the infinite graduated speed selector built into the top allows you to get EXACTLY the speed that you need, not a click above or below. The power button is convenient for thumb pressure, for either right or left handed folks. The 'turbo' button automatically kicks it into high gear, no matter what you have selected on the speed control. Now, lets get into the snap on reduction gear attachment with the frother and whisk attachments. This is the first hand blender that I've seen with the reduction gear attachment. It slows the speed down by something like 50%. This is much better for the frother and the whisk. It gives you much more control. For the power it has, it's not that heavy. I mean, it's solidly built. But, it's not going to wear out your arm before you finish the task. The measuring / mixing cup is a nice bonus. It's big enough that you can handle most tasks of any recipe in one unit, instead of using multiple bowls and having that much more to clean up. The whole set is great. I keep it in it's box, on top of the fridge, where it's nice and handy. I may be looking for some kind of plastic storage case for it. That would have been a nice thing to include. But, still, this system gets a five star rating from me. Good set.

Product: Color: Black

Mark   Reviewed in the United States on January 27, 2021

 Simple to Use and to Clean

This is a surprisingly powerful blender for it's small size. Absolutely the simplest appliance to operate and cleaning is very easy as everything is easy to take apart and reassemble. I use it every morning to blend ice, and frozen fruit and it hangs neatly on the wall. This frees up some counter space as I was able to discard my old blender. I couldn't be more pleased with this hand blender and a great price to boot! (0:

Product: Color: Red

SmithHaus   Reviewed in the United States on November 28, 2020

 Blender connivence

Everyone needs this in your kitchen, no need to get out a clunky big blender out when you can have this immersion hand held blender, it is 4-in-1 variable with speed control multifunctional stick blender with brushed stainless steel blades. It is very powerful and has the capacity of, 800ml mixing beaker, you can use it as a milk frother and egg whisk for smoothies, puree baby food, sauce and soup, black basically everything you need but easy to just pull out of a drawer.A very elegant simple design very powerful in function at 500 watts this immersion hand blender includes blender motor, blender shaft, 800ml mixing beaker, milk frother and egg whisker.. with simple and easy-control design hand blender not only makes the food preparation process faster and easier, but also provides the maximum utility and excellent cooking experience.super easy to clean and store as it is a detachable design of hand blender make so go put one in your kitchen.

Product: Color: Black

Sequoya's Garden   Reviewed in the United States on May 6, 2021

 So far so good, I like it

Unless you're willing to shell out the big bucks, this is a pretty decent little blender. It really seems nowadays it's almost impossible to get a decent electric kitchen appliance that's under 50 bucks. I bought one of these types of blender over 10 years ago. It was all plastic it cost me just over $10. It wasn't pretty and fancy but it did its job for many years. This one was my third attempt to find a budget blender that would last over 6 months. So far so good. I can't recommend any electric appliance because it seems they just don't make them where they used to. But I can share my experiences as I go through budget blenders, toasters, can openers, and such. I feel reviews are important and trying to make a decision on what you want to purchase. I always go to the one and two star reviews and when I see customers experiencing the same problem over and over again you can kind of bet in time you'll probably experience the same problems in time to come.

Product: Color: Black

Kathy   Reviewed in the United States on March 27, 2021

 Feels sturdy

I purchased this immersion blender after wearing out my old one on our weekly hollandaise sauce (Eggs Benedict every Saturday!) and soups. It looks and feels sturdy, seems like very high quality. My sister is so impressed with it that she ordered one, as well. I haven't used the immersion attachment yet, but it also looks substantial. The attachments snap on and off with buttons on each side rather than rotating onto the handle, so there is no accidentally dropping a whisk into my sauce or hot soup. I think this one will last for a few years of tasty meals!

Product: Color: Black

Mother of 7!!   Reviewed in the United States on February 25, 2021

 Multiple usage options

I have a particular immersion blender that I love but I received this one and I decided to give it a try. I love that it comes in cool colors and it really works like a blender more than just an immersion blender. I usually one use my old one for soups but I hate taking out my real blender for shakes etc and my kids love making smoothies so I was so happy to add this to my kitchen. It has multiple attachments, has the power it needs, is easy to clean and it’s compact so it’s not another appliance that takes up loads of space in my kitchen!

Product: Color: Black

TraLaLa   Reviewed in the United States on December 21, 2020

 Love it so far

For now I am giving this 5 stars, but I have only used the blender attachment to make salsa. If I encounter any major issues later, I will try to remember to update. The blender is hefty and feels much sturdier than my last one (which was $25 Hamilton Beach from Walmart and lasted 6 years). It is lovely and quieter than my last one as well.

Product: Color: Red

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